Going Freelance – Month 4

Welcome back to the Going Freelance Blog Series. In this blog series I document my journey as I try to create my own business, one that allows me to travel […]

Diary of a Digital Nomad. I'm Going Freelance and you can come with me! Find out how I got on in Month 3 of my Going Freelance Journey and see my business aims and goals for October.

Going Freelance – Month 3

September has been all about getting over fears. Fears that this won’t work, fears that no one will like what I’m doing, fears that I’m doing it all wrong. Who […]

Going Freelance Month two - Blog series documenting my journey to becoming a self-employed, location remote digital nomad.

Going Freelance – Month 2

In my last “Going Freelance” update I had two main goals. One was to find ways to reach more people and grow my audience, the other was to find ways to fund […]