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Going Freelance – Month 2

Going Freelance Month two - Blog series documenting my journey to becoming a self-employed, location remote digital nomad.

In my last “Going Freelance” update I had two main goals. One was to find ways to reach more people and grow my audience, the other was to find ways to fund my work so I can continue it long-term.

To meet both these goals I had to do a fair bit of research. About 20% of my time is now spent reading blog posts, watching tutorials and listening to podcasts and audio-books so I can better understand and expand my skill-set.

I’ve tried a lot of new things from implementing new social media strategies to creating mildly complicated excel spreadsheets (with colour, and charts, oooOooo!). Some things are already showing positive results, some things didn’t work at all, but for the most part I need to just keep doing what I’m doing to see what works over longer periods of time.

This month is the most positive and motivated I’ve felt for a very long time, however I’ve still had some doubts. I’ve done a lot of questioning about why I do the things I do. Is it because I want to, because I have to, or because someone somewhere said it’s what I should do? The doubts have crept in, and I’ve asked myself if this is a total waste of time. For now I’m keeping those thoughts on a very low volume and telling them to just wait and see. Whether it works out or not, I’ll be stronger for it.

What have I achieved this month?

I have a routine!

I didn’t think this was possible for me anymore, but here I am! I wake up and start work at roughly the same time everyday, I even do yoga (the easiest stuff I can find) and I've created a schedule that is set to repeat every week on my Google calendar. Getting into the habit of using this (it took a good few weeks) has really helped me keep track of what I need to do. The best bit is that it keeps me flexible. Wake up late? Move everything to later. Too nice a day to not go to the beach? Change my day off. Other than a few deadlines (which are self-set so technically changeable) I can pretty much change any day to suit my mood and still get everything on the weekly to-do list done on time. As someone with a mind and moods that like to jump all over the place this has been an absolute godsend!!!

What else have I done?
  • Added 2 new portfolios to my website, see them here.
  • Blogged every single week.  
  • Increased my website views by over 200%.
  • Increased my social media following on all channels.
  • Set-up a Pinterest.
  • Entered 2 Photography competitions.
  • Submitted photos to a stock photography site.
  • Started to learn SEO and applied it to my website.
  • Continued to learn Google Analytics, and set-up a tracking system.

Not bad at all!

Going Freelance Month two - Blog series documenting my journey to becoming a self-employed, location remote digital nomad.

What have I learnt about myself?
  1. That it’s okay to make mistakes, and the more I make in the beginning the better I’ll be set for the future.
  2. That I really, really love taking photos. You’d think that would be obvious, right? But no! I lost the bug for it earlier this year which has happened a few times before. But it’s back and it’s back with a POW.
  3. That Thai language actually isn’t so hard when you find fun ways to remember words, and when you can create sentences that are relevant to you and your life. Sentences like “Look, it’s the neighbours fat cat”.
With all this in mind my goals this month will be:
  • Continue with my new routine.
  • Continue learning, growing, and expanding my skill set.
  • Less planning, more action.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s Freelance Update! I have many new things on the way, but I’ll keep them under-wraps for now… Be sure to keep up to date with me on my social media for the time being so you don't miss-out! 

Going Freelance Month two - Blog series documenting my journey to becoming a self-employed, location remote digital nomad.

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