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When you feel like a failure

When you feel like a failure, read this and see if it helps. Blog and Photo © Laura J P Richardson
We all feel like a failure sometimes.

It doesn’t mean you are one, it just means you have higher expectations of yourself than anyone else has of you. It means you have a vision, an aim, a goal you want, that you believe you must meet. The funny thing is, when we imagine getting to that place we never imagine the long, difficult process that comes before it and all the little and big things that have to happen for it to work. All the hours of boring work, all the days of self-doubt, all the frustrating, but necessary mistakes that help us learn and help us become better.

You can do it, but it will never be as easy as you think. So let go of expectations on when and how fast things should happen. Give yourself time to fail, learn and grow. Let yourself know that the thing you want might still be miles or years away but it will still feel just as amazing and glorious when you finally get there, if not even more so.

I wrote this on a day when I felt like a failure. I added a lot more text in the days after as I went into some of the reasons why. Last minute I have decided to cut these parts out and re-visit them at a later date, because really, this is what it comes down to and this is the part you most likely need to hear right now. I'm no expert, just someone who likes to speak from experience in the hopes I can help another. Consider seeing an expert if your feelings are becoming issues that effect your daily life. I've seen a few different talking therapists, and it's amazing! You are the most important person in your life. Look after yourself!

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