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Heading into the Great Unknown

Looking back at the last blog I posted here, I’m very surprised that it’s only been one month! That’s not as bad as I thought. The reason for the short […]

My first month trying to become a freelance photographer, blogger and digital nomad. Find out want I did and what I plan to do next.

Going Freelance – Month 1

It’s been a month since I publicly declared (via this blog) that I am attempting to go Freelance. I decided quite quickly that I should document and share this experience, […]

I'm putting myself out there, and Going Freelance! Join me on my Journey. Photo by Laura J P Richardson

Going Freelance!

Welcome back to the Blog! It’s been a year since I last posted one, and everything has changed. I moved to Thailand, spent a year doing Comms for an Animal […]

Standstill at Standsted

It’s 9pm in the UK and I’m sat in Stansted airport, waiting for a flight that should have taken off half an hour ago. This is a very strange time […]