New year, New country

Happy New Year Blog Readers! Many of you will have noticed my quiet withdrawal from social media and the online world recently, at least on my official “Laura J P […]

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Heading into the Great Unknown

Looking back at the last blog I posted here, I’m very surprised that it’s only been one month! That’s not as bad as I thought. The reason for the short […]

Women who travel alone often face questions about their safety. How do we stop this affecting our confidence? Photo & Blog by Laura J P Richardson. Koh Lanta Island

Women who Travel Alone

“A Young Woman Living Alone in the Tropics” That’s how I was described this week by someone as they kindly offered me their help if I ever needed it. As […]

Elephants spend most of their day chained to one spot. Is Elephant Trekking in Thailand a good idea? Photo by Laura J P Richardson

Elephant Trekking: Should you do it?

The closest I’ve ever been to an elephant was no more than a few feet. I was on the back of a moped in Thailand, cruising down a long coastal […]

One year living in Thailand

Isn’t it weird how much can change in a year? There are certain moments in life that make most people stop and take a look back. Today I did this. […]

Waste-Free Kit for Home and Travel

You know that plastic and waste is a problem and something needs to be done to slow down its impact.  But what can you do and where do you start? […]

Standstill at Standsted

It’s 9pm in the UK and I’m sat in Stansted airport, waiting for a flight that should have taken off half an hour ago. This is a very strange time […]