Going Freelance – Month 4

Welcome back to the Going Freelance Blog Series. In this blog series I document my journey as I try to create my own business, one that allows me to travel […]

How I chose a new Instagram theme by exploring my visual style. With help from Photographer and social media pro Olivia Bossert.

Exploring My Visual Style

Instagram Themes If you scroll all the way back through my Instagram feed you’ll see that I’ve changed the style of my theme a few times. I love experimenting, and […]

Diary of a Digital Nomad. I'm Going Freelance and you can come with me! Find out how I got on in Month 3 of my Going Freelance Journey and see my business aims and goals for October.

Going Freelance – Month 3

September has been all about getting over fears. Fears that this won’t work, fears that no one will like what I’m doing, fears that I’m doing it all wrong. Who […]

Going Freelance Month two - Blog series documenting my journey to becoming a self-employed, location remote digital nomad.

Going Freelance – Month 2

In my last “Going Freelance” update I had two main goals. One was to find ways to reach more people and grow my audience, the other was to find ways to fund […]

My first month trying to become a freelance photographer, blogger and digital nomad. Find out want I did and what I plan to do next.

Going Freelance – Month 1

It’s been a month since I publicly declared (via this blog) that I am attempting to go Freelance. I decided quite quickly that I should document and share this experience, […]

I'm putting myself out there, and Going Freelance! Join me on my Journey. Photo by Laura J P Richardson

Going Freelance!

Welcome back to the Blog! It’s been a year since I last posted one, and everything has changed. I moved to Thailand, spent a year doing Comms for an Animal […]

Changing the way I use social media

Recently I’ve been making some conscious changes to different areas of my life, and one of those areas is social media. Social media is my day job, in part because […]