Diary of a Digital Nomad. I'm Going Freelance and you can come with me! Find out how I got on in Month 3 of my Going Freelance Journey and see my business aims and goals for October.

Going Freelance – Month 3

September has been all about getting over fears. Fears that this won’t work, fears that no one will like what I’m doing, fears that I’m doing it all wrong. Who […]

Residential volunteering at RSPB nature reserve Loch of Strathbeg taught me about the conservation connections between British Birds and Konik Ponies. Image © Laura J P Richardson.

How Polish ponies help British birds

In the birding and birdwatching community a bird like this is frequently known as an LBJ, code for “Little Brown Job”. They are a special type of identification challenge, because […]

When you feel like a failure, read this and see if it helps. Blog and Photo © Laura J P Richardson

When you feel like a failure

We all feel like a failure sometimes. It doesn’t mean you are one, it just means you have higher expectations of yourself than anyone else has of you. It means […]

Going Freelance Month two - Blog series documenting my journey to becoming a self-employed, location remote digital nomad.

Going Freelance – Month 2

In my last “Going Freelance” update I had two main goals. One was to find ways to reach more people and grow my audience, the other was to find ways to fund […]

Birdwatching. Do you do it? This blog details just a few reasons why birdwatching can benefit everyone. From physical exercise to mental health, getting outdoors is the best. Photo taken in Thailand © Laura J P Richardson

The Benefits of Birdwatching

My first attempt at writing this blog post went rather badly. I was in a terrible mood! I was tired, anxious and I completely doubted the draft I’d written 2 […]

Women who travel alone often face questions about their safety. How do we stop this affecting our confidence? Photo & Blog by Laura J P Richardson. Koh Lanta Island

Women who Travel Alone

“A Young Woman Living Alone in the Tropics” That’s how I was described this week by someone as they kindly offered me their help if I ever needed it. As […]

Elephants spend most of their day chained to one spot. Is Elephant Trekking in Thailand a good idea? Photo by Laura J P Richardson

Elephant Trekking: Should you do it?

The closest I’ve ever been to an elephant was no more than a few feet. I was on the back of a moped in Thailand, cruising down a long coastal […]

One year living in Thailand

Isn’t it weird how much can change in a year? There are certain moments in life that make most people stop and take a look back. Today I did this. […]

My first month trying to become a freelance photographer, blogger and digital nomad. Find out want I did and what I plan to do next.

Going Freelance – Month 1

It’s been a month since I publicly declared (via this blog) that I am attempting to go Freelance. I decided quite quickly that I should document and share this experience, […]

Waste-Free Kit for Home and Travel

You know that plastic and waste is a problem and something needs to be done to slow down its impact.  But what can you do and where do you start? […]