My mad plan to live everywhere for a year

I’m going to cut straight to it – I have big plans for 2020. The last couple of years have been an absolute whirlwind of adventures, heartbreaks, animal rescues, anxieties, […]

Stop Hesitating!

It’s me again. Hi! Last time I posted a blog I’d just moved to Vietnam. That’s one long story you can read here: New year, New country In August I […]

New year, New country

Happy New Year Blog Readers! Many of you will have noticed my quiet withdrawal from social media and the online world recently, at least on my official “Laura J P […]

Talking about how it feels during the run-up to big life changes, and diving into the unknown | Travel Blog | Moving Abroad | New Beginnings | Dealing with Change |

Heading into the Great Unknown

Looking back at the last blog I posted here, I’m very surprised that it’s only been one month! That’s not as bad as I thought. The reason for the short […]

Going Freelance – Month 4

Welcome back to the Going Freelance Blog Series. In this blog series I document my journey as I try to create my own business, one that allows me to travel […]

Mental Health Reset Day

Recently life has given me a lot to think about. What should I do now? What should I do next? What’s my priority? What’s my plan? Where will I live? […]

How I chose a new Instagram theme by exploring my visual style. With help from Photographer and social media pro Olivia Bossert.

Exploring My Visual Style

Instagram Themes If you scroll all the way back through my Instagram feed you’ll see that I’ve changed the style of my theme a few times. I love experimenting, and […]

Monkey Pool party! Ever seen a Monkey swim? It turns out to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Check out the blog on this amazing wildlife encounter. Photos and words by Laura J P Richardson

A Really WILD Pool Party

In the heat of the afternoon sun, what else can you do? You’re by the sea with your friends, the adults are all at work. There are trees to climb, […]