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Hi, I'm Laura!

I'm a freelance photographer and social media manager who's massively into nature! 
After 2 years living in South-East Asia I'm now back in the UK, working remotely from wherever has good wifi.
Here you'll find a showcase of what I do, including my social media services, photography portfolios and blogs. 
If you’d like to collaborate or discuss a project please get in touch.
Right now I'm in: The UK!

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My mad plan to live everywhere for a year

I’m going to cut straight to it – I have big plans for 2020. The last couple of years have been an absolute whirlwind of adventures, heartbreaks, animal rescues, anxieties, […]

Stop Hesitating!

It’s me again. Hi! Last time I posted a blog I’d just moved to Vietnam. That’s one long story you can read here: New year, New country In August I […]

New year, New country

Happy New Year Blog Readers! Many of you will have noticed my quiet withdrawal from social media and the online world recently, at least on my official “Laura J P […]

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